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Industry wants health ministry to come out with rejoinder clarification to protect image of Indian generic industry

Posted by : Varun Doshi

On : 03 April 2014

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Concerned over the disturbing media reports published recently, questioning the quality of Indian generic drugs exported worldwide, Indian drug manufacturers across the country have demanded to the Indian government to immediately issue a rejoinder clarification on this matter, clearing the air. The industry fears that failing to take any requisite action, in time, may impact the reputation of the Indian pharma industry as majority of the companies thrive on exports.

Industry insiders pointed out that it has become a hackneyed pattern for the media to keep on attacking the authenticity and reliability of the Indian generic industry, without having any proof of the same, acting on the vested interest of the foreign MNC lobbies. Making matters worse is the lacklustre attitude of the Indian government, which seldom takes up any responsibility to demand clarification on such maligning reports which further thwarts the interests of the industry.

A reliable source from the industry stressed that, it is high time for the health ministry to come out with a rejoinder clarification, elucidating its stand on the issue of quality parameters adopted in the country, to protect the image of Indian generic industry. Many in the industry feels that only a stern intervention from the government will ensure that no one gets a free reign to play with the interest of the Indian pharma industry.

“Ironically such reports are not only a threat to the Indian pharma industry alone, but also an insult to the Indian drug regulators as well. Indian drug regulatory system is one of the strongest in the world and Indian drug manufacturers make sure that we follow all the drug regulations properly. That is why today we are one of the top exporters in the world, then why suddenly should we go on spree to harm the reputation of our industry which we took years to build on,” questioned a disgruntled industry expert.

Dr H G Koshia, commissioner, Food & Drugs Control Administration (FDCA) pointed out that as a regulator he is also concerned by such reports as it may impact the business interest of the Indian manufacturers and the reputation of the Indian regulators, globally.  He added, “When such incidence happens in the state of Gujarat, we make it a point to demand clarification from the concerned department on this issue, to ensure that no one is indicted wrongly. Considering that Gujarat is one of the major exporters of pharma products in the country, it is a matter of huge concern for us as well and all steps will be taken by us to ensure that the issues of our manufacturers are well represented at the centre.”