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Hear the warning bell of Pre-Diabetes

Posted by : Natasha Kapre Vora

On : 14 November 2014

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Pre diabetes as the name suggests is a condition that precedes or happens before diabetes. So before being detected with diabetes people almost always have “Pre-Diabetes” wherein ones blood sugars are higher than the normal range but not high enough to be called diabetes. It is the phase  which puts you to a higher risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Most of the times you may not even know that you are a pre diabetic as there are no clear symptoms but the good part is that it can be checked with a simple blood test and even better news is that it can be reversed!

Who should check for Pre-Diabetes?

You are at a higher risk to develop Pre-Diabetes if your

  • Age is 45yrs or more
  • Parents/Sibling have Diabetes
  • BMI is 23 or more (for Asians)
  • Lifestyle is sedentary (no exercise)
  • Blood pressure is high or you are on medication for it.
  • Cholesterol /Triglyceride levels are high
  • Have been detected with PCOD
  • Have had diabetes during pregnancy


If you have any of the above risk factors you should get yourself tested for Prediabetes and if you have Pre diabetes, you should be checked for diabetes every one to two years.


What reading indicates Pre diabetes ?



Post glucose load*



Normal Values  

  <100 mg/dl

  <140 mg/dl



Pre Diabetes

  100-125 mg/dl

  140-199 mg/dl

  140-199 mg/dl







*2 hrs after 75g glucose load.

-If fasting blood test, reports glucose between 100-125mg/dl it is also called as Impaired Fasting Glucose(IFT)

-If  the post prandial test ,reports glucose between 140-199 mg/dl it is also called Impaired glucose Tolerance(IGT)

What to do to prevent progression to Diabetes?

Pre-Diabetes is a wakeup call to tell you that you are on the way to diabetes. 3 major lifestyle changes can help you take a u turn.

Weight control. If you are overweight, chances of developing diabetes increases. Losing even as little as 5% to 10% of your body weight makes a difference. Research shows that losing 7% of your body weight can cut down your risk to diabetes by 58%

Nutrition. A good calorie controlled, well balanced diet is the key to weight loss or weight control. Go for 5-6 meals per day instead of 3 large meals. Keep away from refined cereals and empty calories from colas and sweets. Include lots of vegetable, fruits and whole grains in the diet. Be in charge of the portions you consume at a time. Alcohol, tobacco consumption and smoking will just accelerate your speed towards diabetes so put a break to them .

Exercise. Get moving and your chances to develop diabetes will go down. Moderate level of aerobic exercise like brisk walking, cycling, swimming for 30mins a day ,5 days a week is ideal. If you haven’t exercised for a while it would be better to check with your doctor before you take up an exercise regime.

Listen to the warning bell of Pre diabetes and it wont be too late to turn things around.


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