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Benefits of Walking Daily

Posted by : Varun Doshi

On : 15 April 2015

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Walking is the cheapest, most easily available and easy to access form of exercise. Anyone and everyone can do irrespective of their income, age and gender.

Below are some of the benefits of walking daily:

Disease Risk

Walking daily can decrease your risk of developing cancer, diabetes (type 2) and asthama.


Walking daily reduces your risk of stroke and heart diseases. It also keeps the blood pressure under check. Decreases the LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises the HDL (good cholesterol)

Weight Loss

Daily walking also helps you burn calories which inturn helps you in loosing weight. It also increases the metabolism of the bosy which also helps in burning calories even when the body is at rest.

Vitamin D Levels

Waling outdoors, in sunlight helps you get your daily dose of Vitamin D and hence raises your Vit. D levels. 


Walking strengthens your bones, increases bone density, which is extremely helpful especially in the cases of women. Helps in keeping the joints intact to avoid diseases like Arthritis.

Lower Body

Daily walking also helps in strengthening and shaping your legs, calves, quads, hamstrings and lifting your glutes (buttock muscles) – especially if you add hills. If proper attention is paid to your posture while walking, it can also tone your abs and your waist too.


The swinging movelemt when you walk helps in toning of your arms, shoulders and upper back.

Energy Levels

Walking in general raises your energy levels by increasing the blood circulation and oxygen supply to each and every cell of the body. Which in turn helps you to be more alert and concentrate better at work.


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